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AESES COVID-19 Assistance Fund Form

The COVID-19 Assistance Fund (CAF)

Given the uncertainty surrounding employment for our members and their families due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AESES Board of Representatives established this fund to allow members to apply for assistance with their grocery needs. It has been established similarly to a Hardship Fund that would be created in the event of a strike or lockout.

The fund will close as of November 12, 2021

At the outset of the pandemic, AESES quickly realized the negative financial impact layoffs and reduced hours were having on our members. This led us to implement our COVID-19 Assistance Fund, which has provided grocery assistance to hundreds of our members and their families over the past 17 months.

Unfortunately, this assistance isn’t available indefinitely and we’re now at a point where the few applicants we have left are applying to the fund based on the work situation of their family members versus their own work circumstances. Given this, AESES has made the difficult decision to wrap-up the COVID-19 Assistance Fund.

However, we wanted to ensure that we provide ample notice to those members who are still regularly applying to the fund. Therefore, we are informing you that the fund will close as of November 12, 2021 at 12:00 pm. We are timing the closure to coincide with the two week application window so that all AESES members will have had an equal opportunity to apply for support since the fund’s inception. Depending when you usually apply to the fund, the last dates to apply will be either November 5, 2021 or November 12, 2021.

We sincerely hope that this assistance fund has made a difference to you and your family.

Will Christie
Chair, AESES COVID-19 Assistance Fund

All fields of this application are mandatory. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Any AESES member who has experienced a negative financial impact on his/her household income due to COVID-19 (e.g., layoff, spousal layoff, reduced hours) is eligible. Applicants may apply more than once but cannot receive benefits more than once in a two-week period.

Benefit Funds

If eligible, the applicable sum listed below will be issued via a physical gift card* for Safeway/Sobeys (these same gift cards can also be used at FreshCo, IGA, and Foodland):

  • Single person (+ up to 1 dependent) – $100.00;
  • Single person (+ 2 or more dependents) – $200.00;
  • Common-law/married couple (+ up to 2 dependents) – $200.00;
  • Common-law/married couple (+ 3 or more dependents) – $250.00;

Receiving Funds

  • Applications must be submitted electronically and will be processed once per week
  • The gift card(s) will be mailed out to your home address.
  • For more information please contact

Please note: Effective October 29, 2021, we have transitioned back to issuing physical gift cards.

* NOTE: Please be advised that the Canada Revenue Agency considers the gift cards we distribute to be a “near cash” item and, therefore, taxable income. As a result, the total amount received during a calendar year will need to be reported as other income when filing taxes.

Page last updated: October 7, 2021.

Online Application Form

November 12, 2021, at 12:00 pm. The fund is now closed to submissions. Thank you.

Did you know

AESES is affiliated with the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU).

AESES' Charter Meeting was held in December of 1972.

We offer scholarships for AESES dependants at both universities.

Anyone can attend a Board meeting by calling the AESES Business Office prior to the meeting and confirming their attendance.

AESES requires new volunteers for various committees. Please contact the Business Office if you are an AESES member interested in joining one of our committees.

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