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AESES-UW Bargaining (2019)

August 18, 2022

Today, August 18, 2022, the AESES-UW Component held a ballot vote to accept or reject the University’s contract offer.

The result of the vote is as follows:


FOR ACCEPTANCE: 251 (88.4%)
FOR REJECTION: 33 (11.6%)


July 28, 2022

Update: AESES has received some inquiries about advance voting options for those out of town on August 18th. We will use Simply Voting to conduct our ratification vote for those with UW employee email addresses. As such, provided you have internet or cell access, you can vote from anywhere worldwide. However, for those who wish to advance vote, the AESES Business Office will be open for this option from August 8th to 12th between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. You must bring your employee ID card to cast your advance ballot.

The AESES Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that they now have a contract offer from The University of Winnipeg to present to the membership. Information meetings will be held by videoconference on Wednesday, August 3rd at 12:00 noon and Friday, August 5th at 1:00 pm to be followed by a hybrid email and in-person ratification vote on Thursday, August 18th.

A full list of the offer details and links to register for the information meetings can be found in the communications sent to members on July 28, 2022.

April 1, 2022

In the fall of 2021, the Provincial Government announced its intent to repeal the Public Services Sustainability Act (PSSA). This wage restraint legislation was initially introduced in 2017 and impacted bargaining for the majority of Manitoba’s public sector unions. Most have settled contracts that included the prescribed sustainability period amounts for general salary increases of 0%, 0%, 0.75% and 1.0% over four years. The government’s announcement last fall to abandon the PSSA opened a shift in bargaining direction for the AESES Bargaining Team. Although the repeal of the PSSA is still in process, it is unclear how the University will proceed within these changes and what effect it may have on their bargaining mandate.

The Bargaining Team would like to remind the membership that this has not been a normal round of bargaining for AESES and, with the pandemic as a further impediment, making progress has been severely impacted for the past two years. In spite of these factors, the Bargaining Team has chosen to continue to press for important monetary gains in the next collective agreement.

At this time, we have additional bargaining dates scheduled with the University throughout April and May. It is our hope to have an offer for the membership to consider as a result of these meetings. Please watch for future communication from AESES on this front.

January 31, 2022

We are committed to keeping you informed about the bargaining process with The University of Winnipeg (UW).

In November of last year, the University put together a comprehensive proposal and presented it to the AESES Bargaining Team. The team reviewed and responded with a fair counter-offer on November 30. Due to difficulties scheduling meetings before the winter break, there has not yet been a formal response from the University.

Although there has been some informal discussion to continue bargaining, formal meetings now would likely occur at the earliest in mid-February. The Bargaining Team intends to schedule a few dates at that time to keep things progressing forward.

We appreciate your patience during these ongoing bargaining negotiations. Further updates will follow when more information becomes available.

December 1, 2019

No new updates at this time.

October 1, 2019

At UW, the Bargaining Team has met a couple of times in September to review and organize the proposals established by the Negotiation Committee. At this point, AESES is awaiting a response from the University on when they are available to begin bargaining. Once an approximate date is established, an AESES membership meeting will be held to approve the proposals list, prior to meeting with the University. Communication regarding the membership meeting will follow, once more details are known.

August 1, 2019

At UW, the Negotiation Committee worked through an extensive list of bargaining proposals. Meeting weekly, the committee reviewed results of the membership Negotiation Survey that was sent out at the beginning of the year, before accepting a final list of proposals. Once the proposals list was finalized, a Bargaining Team was elected from the Negotiation Committee. The Bargaining Team members are: Eric Benson, Michele Del Rizzo, Joan Duesterdiek, Daniel Matthes, Leanne Shumka, and Dan Bailey (Alternate).

The Bargaining Team will meet after the summer break and a general membership meeting will follow once the team has finalized the proposal list. Stay tuned!

June 3, 2019

At The University of Winnipeg, the Negotiation Committee is meeting regularly to establish a set of proposals identified by the membership. Proposals came in through the traditional call-for-proposals process and also through the Negotiation Survey sent out earlier this year. The Negotiation Committee will continue working on finalizing its proposals for presentation to the membership in the near future.

April 1, 2019

The Negotiation Committee at The University of Winnipeg continues to meet on a weekly basis to review the results of the membership survey, as well as to finalize the proposals for the Bargaining Team to bring forth during the bargaining process.

December 3, 2018

With the current 4.5-year Collective Agreement with the University of Winnipeg set to expire on September 21, 2019, a Negotiation Committee was recently formed. The following members were elected by acclamation as representatives to a position on the AESES-UW Negotiation Committee:

  • District 51: Daniel Bailey (Education – C.A.T.E.P.)
  • District 51: Romer Bautista (Collegiate)
  • District 53: Eric Benson (Registrar, Graduate Studies)
  • District 54: Kerniel Aasland (Urban & Inner City Studies)
  • District 54: Michele Del Rizzo (TSC)
  • District 55: Char Ducharme (Facilities)
  • District 55: Daniel Matthes (Library)
  • District 56: Leanne Shumka (Awards & Financial Aid)
  • President: Laurie Morris (Philosophy)
  • Executive Appt: Pam Delorme (Biology)
  • Executive Appt: Joan Duesterdiek (TSC)
  • Executive Appt: Meaghan Michaluk (Kinesiology & Applied Health)
  • AESES Executive Director: Lisa McKendry
  • AESES Labour Relations Officer: Lorne Hilton
  • AESES Member Services Officer: Colleen Thompson

A call for proposals was also sent out to UW’s membership in November. Once the deadline to receive these passes, the team will plan their first meeting to begin discussing and reviewing all submitted potential proposals.

October 1, 2018

AESES is preparing to start the bargaining process at The University of Winnipeg, in light of our current collective agreement expiring on September 21, 2019. To start, a call has gone out for the nomination of members to join the AESES-UW Negotiation Committee. Each district can elect a maximum of two representatives to the committee. Only signed AESES members may nominate or be nominated to serve as a committee member.

Nomination forms were recently mailed out to all UW members. If you have not received one, please contact the AESES Office and we will provide you with the form. The deadline to receive nominations is October 9, 2018.

September 11, 2018

The current Collective Agreement expires on September 21, 2019. According to Clause 8.2.2 of the Association Bylaws it states, each member of the Negotiation Committee shall serve for a term that shall expire on the later date of either the signing of the collective agreement negotiated by that Negotiation Committee or ten (10) months prior to the termination of the collective agreement negotiated by that Negotiation Committee. Election shall be held immediately following expiration of the term of the members of the previous Negotiation Committee.

A nomination form for the Negotiation Committee can be downloaded here. If you are aware of a member in your district who you feel would represent you well in this capacity, please nominate him/her. Be sure to obtain his/her signature (and that of one other member) on the nomination form. Each district can elect a maximum of two representatives to the Negotiation Committee.

Nominations may be mailed to AESES c/o Mail Room, University of Winnipeg, or to the AESES Business Office at 103-900 Harrow St. E., Winnipeg, MB  R3M 3Y7, or fax your completed nomination form to 204-949-5215. You may also submit a scanned copy by email to The deadline for receipt of nominations is Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Did you know

AESES is affiliated with the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU).

AESES' Charter Meeting was held in December of 1972.

We offer scholarships for AESES dependants at both universities.

Anyone can attend a Board meeting by calling the AESES Business Office prior to the meeting and confirming their attendance.

AESES requires new volunteers for various committees. Please contact the Business Office if you are an AESES member interested in joining one of our committees.