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AESES Town Hall Registration – Vaccination Mandates and Return to Work


We invite all AESES members to attend one of the upcoming Town Hall meetings to discuss vaccination mandates and return to work at the University of Manitoba and The University of Winnipeg via videoconference using Zoom.

Please note that these Town Halls are for discussing the implications of the vaccination mandates on the workplace and not a venue for sharing personal views or opinions on vaccines, masks or COVID-19 as a whole. Any disrespectful or belligerent behaviour will not be tolerated, and you may be muted, asked to leave or ejected from the session.

Each session will be limited to 50 members and aim to be an hour (or less) in length. There are two times for each location, so choose the one that works best for you. Depending on demand, additional sessions/times might be added.

Sessions and registration links

The University of Winnipeg

  • 12:00pm, September 9, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.
  • 1:00pm, September 10, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.

University of Manitoba (Bannatyne Campus)

  • 12:00pm, September 14, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.
  • 1:00pm, September 15, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.

University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)

  • 12:00pm, September 16, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.
  • 1:00pm, September 17, 2021 | Registration deadline has passed.

The deadline to register is 10:00am on the day of the session.

How do I register for the meeting through Zoom?

These meetings require Zoom account authentication attached to the email address that you use during registration. This extra step is necessary to help allow only participants who are authorized to attend the meeting.

Please remember which email address you used to register, as that is the one you will need to log into before joining the session (using the link that Zoom will email to the email address you used to register).

If you do not have a Zoom account, please sign up for one here (or sign in with Facebook or Google) and use that email address when you register for the meeting.

When joining the the Town Hall for your selected session, please log into Zoom or the Zoom App with the email you used to register before clicking the meeting link to help ensure you will use the correct account and gain access.

Registrations will be manually approved so there might be a delay between when you register and when you receive the Zoom link. Thank you. Please contact us if you have any questions about the registration process.

Did you know

AESES is affiliated with the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU).

AESES' Charter Meeting was held in December of 1972.

We offer bursaries for AESES dependents at both universities.

Anyone can attend a Board meeting by calling the AESES Business Office prior to the meeting and confirming their attendance.

AESES requires new volunteers for various committees. Please contact the Business Office if you are an AESES member interested in joining one of our committees.