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AESES-UM Bargaining (2015)

December 10, 2015

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, the AESES-UM Component held a ballot vote to accept or reject the University’s contract offer.

The result of the vote is as follows:




(1 Spoiled Ballot)


November 27, 2015

Your Bargaining Team has been actively negotiating a revised Collective Agreement. The team is now prepared to call a vote on the University’s offer.

The procedure for a ratification vote, implemented by the Board of Representatives, requires informational meetings to be held prior to the voting day.  At these meetings the proposed contract will be explained and Bargaining Team representatives will be available for questions.

Please take the time to attend one of the following AESES member informational sessions, which are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015                        12:00-1:00pm                     205 Armes Building
Wednesday, December 2, 2015                 5:00-6:00pm                       200 Fletcher Argue Building
Thursday, December 3, 2015                       12:00-1:00pm                   Theatre A, Basic Med. Science Building
Thursday, December 3, 2015                       1:00-2:00pm                     Theatre A, Basic Med. Science Building
Friday, December 4, 2015                             1:00-2:00pm                     224 Education Building

Voting day is Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  Polls will be open between 9:00am and 3:30pm.  Information will be sent by campus mail to all members identifying the location of the specific polling station they are to attend.

If you will not be at work on voting day, you may vote in advance.  Please contact the AESES Business Office by telephone (204-949-5200) no later than Tuesday, December 1, 2015, and the appropriate arrangements will be made.


November 24, 2015

The AESES-UM Bargaining Team is pleased to advise that a tentative agreement for a new contract has been reached with the University of Manitoba. The AESES Office is currently in the process of arranging information sessions to present the contract details to the membership. Further information will be sent shortly advising of the dates, times and locations for the information meetings.

We are also finalizing a date for the ratification vote, including the locations of polling stations. Members will be advised by mail which polling station they should report to in order to cast their vote, and will be advised of the procedures for advance voting for those that will not be at work on the date of the ratification vote.

We are unable to release the specific contract details at this time. Please watch for additional information to be distributed and plan to attend one of the information meetings wherever possible.


October 20, 2015

On October 15th, the AESES Bargaining Team received a second comprehensive offer from the University administration. The Bargaining Team will require some time to evaluate this offer and prepare a response. We anticipate scheduling another meeting with the University before the end of the month.


October 6, 2015

Due to vacation schedules, the AESES Bargaining Team was not able to meet with the University until September 17, 2015 to present our fair response, recognizing current market conditions, to their financial offer.  At this point in time, we are awaiting a reply from the University, which we anticipate will be in mid-October.

Once we have a contract offer to present to the membership, information meetings will be scheduled to review the details in advance of a ratification vote.


August 6, 2015

After 14 bargaining sessions, both AESES and the University have now resolved the majority of the non-monetary issues and have proceeded to the discussion of monetary items. The Bargaining Team is currently considering a financial offer from the University and is preparing our response, which we anticipate presenting to the University later this month.

Once we have a contract offer to present to the membership, information meetings will be scheduled to review the details in advance of a ratification vote.


June 9, 2015

The bargaining teams from AESES and the University of Manitoba continue to meet on a weekly basis, with additional meetings scheduled for the months of June and July. We have been using the Interest Based Method of Negotiation to work our way through the issues and find solutions that are acceptable to both Bargaining Teams. A facilitator from the Province of Manitoba is helping the teams to work through this process.

Initially, both sides exchanged a list of issues and mutually agreed upon a comprehensive list to be discussed over the weeks to follow. So far discussions have taken place around the issues of flextime and overtime; sick leave; classifications; banked time; standby pay; and maternity/parental leave, among others. Preliminary decisions and language changes have been agreed to for some of these items.

Our teams will continue to work together in a spirit of cooperation to arrive at a finalized Collective Agreement.

Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms for future updates.


April 30, 2015

AESES and the University of Manitoba’s bargaining team have met on two occasions to begin the bargaining process.

Future meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Wednesday, May 6, 2015
  • Wednesday, May 13, 2015
  • Tuesday, May 19, 2015
  • Wednesday, May 27, 2015
  • Wednesday, June 3, 2015
  • Thursday, June 11, 2015
  • Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An agreed upon Opening Statement by both parties reads as follows:
The University and AESES are committed to negotiating the collective agreement using the interest-based process.  We will endeavour to share information openly and participate in discussions of a range of options with the understanding that no final commitments will be made until the end.

As the parties jointly face the challenge of the future, we share the following goals:

  • To foster a collegial and respectful environment.
  • The efficient and effective use of resources.
  • An ability to create a flexible and adaptable workforce with an appreciation for employees’ needs for work-life balance.
  • A commitment to work together in addressing areas of concern for the University and AESES.

Members of the AESES-UM Bargaining Team are:
• Heather Brownlee
• Will Christie
• Gabrielle Hamm (AESES staff)
• Lorne Hilton (AESES staff)
• Gail Mackisey
• Chris McCann
• Lisa McKendry (AESES staff)
• Laurie Morris
• Gerry Strom
• Colleen Thompson
• Alternate: Glenn Bergen
• Alternate: Alice Foster

for UManitoba
• Lisa Halket, Director, UM Staff Relations
• Marcie MacDonald, UM Staff Relations Officer
• Lani Jones, UM HR Consultant
• Maria Versace, UM Legal Counsel
• Raman Dhaliwal, UM Administration, Medicine
• Rick Pelletier, UM Asper School of Business
• Doug Stoyko, UM Computer & Networking Services
• Vera Keown, UM Associate University Librarian

Did you know

AESES is affiliated with the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU).

AESES' Charter Meeting was held in December of 1972.

We offer bursaries for AESES dependents at both universities.

Anyone can attend a Board meeting by calling the AESES Business Office prior to the meeting and confirming their attendance.

AESES requires new volunteers for various committees. Please contact the Business Office if you are an AESES member interested in joining one of our committees.